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Animal simulator games have gained immense popularity among mobile gamers, offering a unique experience of living and surviving in the wild as different animals. These games allow players to explore vast 3D landscapes, customize their animal characters, and raise families. If you are an Android user and a fan of animal simulation games, this article is for you! We have compiled a list of Android devices' best animal simulator games. Get ready to immerse yourself in the wild and experience the adventures of various animals right from your smartphone.Best Animal Simulator Games for Android

WildCraft: Animal Sim Online

In WildCraft, players get the chance to explore nature as various wild animals and raise a family in the wilderness. You can start your adventure as a wolf, fox, lynx, and more and take your family on thrilling journeys. The game features a massive 3D landscape to roam freely and engage in multiplayer gameplay with friends. Form animal families to protect your cubs from enemies and unlock new animal breeds as your legacy grows.

Dog Sim Online: Raise a Family

Step into the shoes of a dog in this online RPG adventure. Choose from a variety of dog breeds and explore a vast 3D world. Experience a dog's life as you raise a family of puppies, customize each dog's appearance, and unlock new breeds as you level up. Fight enemies, protect your family, or team up with friends for even more thrilling adventures.

Cat Sim Online: Play with Cats

Cat Sim Online is the perfect game for you if you prefer feline adventures. Role-play as a cat or kitten and raise a family of your favorite cat breeds. Customize your cat's appearance, breed kittens, and explore a massive 3D world with unique locations. Battle against enemies as a cat and unlock achievements by defeating specific foes.

Cat Simulator: Kitties Family

Live the life of a beautiful cat in this simulator game. Choose your cat's breed and explore a vast world, including a family farm in a green forest with a large blue lake. Find a soulmate, get married, and take care of your partner. Raise your baby cats and teach them essential survival skills. Collect resources, build your nest, and become the most powerful cat in the world.

Squirrel Simulator 2: Online

Play as a clever rodent, the squirrel, and experience exciting adventures in this multiplayer online game. Create a big family, fight enemies, and even participate in epic battles in the Royal Arena against real players. Collect acorns, mushrooms, and berries to replenish your family and improve your character. Unlock various characters like astronauts, knights, pilots, and more for a unique experience.

Mouse Simulator: Forest Home

Experience life as a small mouse in this adorable simulation game. Build a family, find a spouse, and raise your baby mice. Collect resources like nuts, berries, and branches while avoiding predatory animals. Upgrade and repair your nest, complete quests, and compete with friends to become the best mouse in the world.

Wolf Tales - Wild Animal Sim

In this RPG world, you become a wolf leading a pack. When the alpha goes missing, you must guide your pack to greatness. Fight for dominance in the virtual world through real-time multiplayer PvP battles. Explore a 3D open world with friends, complete quests, and unlock various wolf breeds as you progress. Experience groundbreaking 3D graphics in this exciting wildlife simulator.

Wild Animals Online (WAO)

Embark on a survival adventure as different safari animals, including lions, tigers, and wolves. Protect the weaker wildlife, fight enemies, and level up to become stronger. Join a beautiful 3D world filled with secret areas and hiding spots. Hunt for food, release other animals from their cages and chat with other players as you role-play in this virtual world.

DEEEER Simulator: Modern World

DEEEER Simulator offers a unique experience of playing as a DEEEER in a slow-life city. Enjoy good times with other animals, become a prankster, but be careful not to get caught misbehaving. Join daily life in the town, release your DEEEER power, and explore the city streets in this entertaining and quirky simulator.

My Wild Pet: Online Animal Sim

Rescue and role-play as various animals like lions, tigers, wolves, and more in this multiplayer adventure simulator. Embark on a voyage to rescue animals and adopt them as your secret wild pets. Explore the beautiful 3D world of Wonder Springs, complete quests, and level up your animal. Customize and personalize your character to stand out in the virtual world.

Animal Sim Online: Big Cats 3D

Choose from 29 different safari animals, including lions, tigers, and more, in this immersive multiplayer world. Protect the weaker wildlife, fight for survival, and meet friends from around the globe to plan hunting and fighting strategies. Complete missions, level up and experience the thrill of being a powerful predator.


Animal simulator games for Android offer an engaging and thrilling experience for mobile gamers who enjoy exploring the wild and living life as different animals. With various animals to choose from and expansive 3D worlds to explore, these games provide hours of entertainment. Whether you prefer being a fierce predator or a cute family-oriented creature, there's an animal simulation game for every taste. So, download your favorite one from the list and prepare for exciting animal kingdom adventures!

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