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Super Rabbit Man Online Introduction

Super Bunnyman Online is a multiplayer fun co-op or destruction adventure game. This game can be played by two people online and it is absolutely exciting.
How To Play Super Bunny Man Online Multiplayer On Android
It is no longer necessary to play the game alone, and it is more enjoyable to call friends and two people to cooperate. A variety of challenge modes are waiting for players, with cute cartoon images. This game is an infinite carrot version, so you still have to be interested in carrots! Don't keep thinking about mines at home, you're right.

Download Link:

Game Information:

Package name: com.milkstudio.rabbitman.meta

Name: Super Rabbit Man Online Edition

Version: 1.4.1

Super Rabbit Man Online Features

Produces 2.5D computer-generated graphic images.

30 exciting challenges spread across 3 amazing worlds! (More to come!)

Coin! Three per level! Complete challenges and earn coins to unlock more levels!

Carrots at all levels! Rich in vitamin c!

Incredible dance moves.Super Rabbit Man Online Android

Gaming Strategy

1. Carrot Challenge: Carrots are placed somewhere on each floor. Find it and put it in your wormhole! High in vitamin c!2. Sports mode: 30 levels of exciting challenges, spanning 3 magical worlds (coming soon)! Are they playing single player or working with friends in two-player co-op (or co-op) mode! In addition to completion, each level has additional challenges:3. Physics-based character and world: The owner of the rabbit suit controls it to make it faster and stronger!

4. Time Challenge: Challenge your skills and race against time in each level!

5. Deathmatch Mode: Local Multiplayer Death Mode 4 players together! Kick them off cliffs, drag them onto spikes, and break their necks! Disclaimer: Not recommended for use in fragile or tense friendships.

Edit Comments

The Super Rabbit player will play as a passing rabbit, trying to overcome various obstacles to find his way home.

In general, Super Rabbit has relatively simple operations, such as tumbling, jumping, grabbing, etc. to overcome challenges. Put the carrot somewhere on each level, find it, find it, and connect it to your wormhole! Take it to a wormhole, rich in vitamin C!

Super rabbits are very heart-wrenching and you need to be patient enough to get carrots.

The road ahead is very difficult, and the rabbit has cute and magical expressions, but I still hope that friends will not be angry, and they will get better after running in a lot.

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