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Embodied in the depths of many individuals' childhood reveries lay the desire to witness the corporeal existence of ancient dinosaurs. The awe-inspiring land-dwelling Tyrannosaurus rex and the majestic pterosaur soaring through the heavens undeniably held a place of honor in the hearts of countless young souls. And now, dear friends, this long-awaited moment has finally arrived! Prepare to immerse yourself in the ethereal realms of prehistoric fascination with the most recent iteration of the Jurassic Island game. This captivating masterpiece encompasses a multiplayer online domain where low-polygon styled ancient creatures roam freely, offering an enthralling experience of dinosaur survival, all on your mobile device. Known by its English appellation, "Mesozoic Dawn," this exceptional game boasts cutting-edge 3D engine technology that renders a lifelike visual milieu, while presenting gameplay mechanics of sublime simplicity. As intrepid players embark on their journey, they shall be transported back to the hallowed Jurassic era, assuming the roles of mighty dinosaurs. Selecting an initial prehistoric creature serves as a gateway to evolutionary transformations, as hatching eggs bestow the opportunity to ascend to more advanced species. Death merely marks a new beginning, allowing one to embark on the dinosaurian odyssey afresh, nurturing growth and fortitude. Within this time capsule of ancient wonders, an assortment of over 40 playable biotic entities awaits, including the likes of Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, and Pterosaur. Survival on the treacherous continent, traversing the vastness of the bountiful ocean, or exploring the limitless expanse of this virtual world all beckon intrepid players. Peer into the infinite heavens in search of elusive prey, and partake in the captivating dynamics of dinosaur hatching, taming, and engaging in fierce battles. Brace yourself for the ultimate escapade into the realms of the Jurassic, as this gaming endeavor promises to deliver an unparalleled and exhilarating adventure of primeval proportions.
Jurassic Island

It is with utmost enthusiasm that our editorial team presents to you the latest iteration of Jurassic Island, bearing the mark of the year 2023. This groundbreaking version encompasses not only a built-in miniature map for ease of navigation, but also introduces a pantheon of new characters, including the formidable Deinonychus, Utahraptor, and Dakotaraptor. Furthermore, an array of novel creatures awaits your discovery within the vast expanses of this virtual realm. Refined enhancements to water rendering lend a heightened sense of realism, with temperatures in summer soaring close to 40 °C, while winter's icy grip keeps the mercury from plummeting below 0 °C, truly encapsulating the environmental conditions of the dinosaurian era. Players are afforded the freedom to choose their preferred modes, each offering unique combat capabilities, fostering the development of survival skills requisite for conquering all adversaries and ascending to the throne as the ultimate king of the prehistoric realm! We extend a cordial invitation to all who harbor a fascination for these ancient wonders to partake in the marvels of Jurassic Island 2023. Download and embark on this extraordinary journey, for the experience promises to be nothing short of enthralling!

Description : Mesozoic Dawn By NEXTINDIE

Mesozoic Dawn is a low poly online game about prehistory animals. You can fight to survive in the dangerous land, roam in the vast ocean, or look for prey in the boundless sky.

Game Features:

1. The Vanishing Prehistoric World

Learn how to hunt, fish, and craft clothes without cold and craft weapons in the amazing cube world of makeshift materials in pixels and blocks.

2. Improve your survival skills and fight against dangerous cube dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus, and even more ferocious dinosaurs flooded this tropical survival island.

3. Find or craft special survival tools

Weapons, axes, fishing rods, or to make fire.

How to play

There are currently two modes: Evolution Mode and Sandbox Mode.

1. Evolution mode: Choose the initial dinosaur, evolve into a more advanced dinosaur by hatching eggs, and re-select the initial dinosaur after death.

2. Sandbox mode: choose any dinosaur freely to play.

In addition to multiplayer online, you can create a LAN game and set up the LAN yourself.

Jurassic Island game's latest version strategy:

1. How to evolve into an advanced creature?

1. After the growth and development reach 100%, you must lay eggs (you must ensure enough eggs in your body).

2. Wait for the egg to develop to 100% after laying eggs. At this time, you can check the information of the egg, and you can choose to evolve.

3. The eggs will automatically rot within a certain period after they mature; please pay attention to arrange the time reasonably.

4. If the eggs are in the nest, the hatching effect will be accelerated.

2. Why do I lose blood after running out of oxygen?

Oxygen depletion will not automatically end the run. At this time, the function of the lungs will be consumed, and blood will start to be lost. Now, you only need to stop running, climb, and rest to recover.

3. What is the use of genes?

Genes represent different attribute bonuses and attack buff.

4. How to build a nest?

1. The function of the nest is to protect the eggs from being eaten and to accelerate the hatching of the eggs.

2. Each character can only have one lair at the same time.

3. Build the nest: first, build the _nest foundation_ - then take 6 stones and 4 branches into the nest - the nest is built successfully.

4. After the nest is established, the eggs can be laid directly in it, or the eggs can be taken into the nest (not taken out).

5. The character presses "rest" to lie down on the nest and "huddles," which will also accelerate the hatching effect of the eggs.

5. How to find a spouse?

1. Both parties must be of the same type of dinosaur and have grown up. A relevant prompt will appear when approaching each other, and an invitation can be sent.

2. Immediate relatives cannot become partners, and there may be penalties for inbreeding.

6. How to speed up the hatching of eggs?

1. Complete nest +35% hatching speed.

2. Under the complete nest, brood +50% hatching speed.

3. High-temperature weather +20% hatching speed (superimposed nest Buff).

7. How to find food?

1. Small carnivorous dinosaurs have a special ant nest supply as a food source, while medium and large carnivorous dinosaurs need to hunt.

2. Herbivorous dinosaurs can also click the above icon to view edible plants within 200 meters nearby.

3. In the game, herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs can find nearby food by clicking the "sense of smell" icon. They can only smell food within a range of 200 meters and water sources within a range of 500 meters.

4. There will be a special "eating" button after approaching the food. At this time, press and hold to start eating. After the food is eaten, it will be refreshed within a certain period.

5. Food has a specific nutrient ratio. The higher the nutrient ratio, the faster the growth and development after eating, and the higher the evolution probability of spawning. When the nutrition of the character is low, it will affect its growth and development.

8. How to control the sex of the egg?

1. The temperature at the time of egg laying determines the sex of the egg: if the temperature is >30°, there is a 70% probability that it is a female egg.

2. If the temperature is <20°, there is a 70% probability that the eggs are male.

3. The temperature >=20° and <=30° has a 50% probability of being a female.

9. How to fix the birth position?

When you have a lair, you will spawn near the den.

The game is beta and has not been released on Google Play

[Version release] Demo Version

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