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Run Dolls

Description : Run Dolls‏ By MipKip

The dolls in the room love to run. We invite many dolls every day to compete. Rival dolls have gathered today as well. Today's competition is about to begin!

Run Dolls - Multiplayer - Gameplay #1

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Overcome various obstacles and obstacles of rivals and aim for the first place!

Online competition battle of up to 10 people!

Let's aim for the goal by lifting and hitting, dodging rivals who are approaching with anything.

---- Game mode ----

[Point race]

Earn points on a total of 3 rounds of stages. It is a race where the ranking is decided by the total points. (Maximum 5 people)

[Battle Royale]

The number of people that can be cleared in each round is fixed. Get into the upper ranks so that you don't fall out, and aim for the last one! (Maximum 10 people)

---- Stage type ----

There are athletics aiming for the goal quickly, survival that does not fall until time, coin races that take a certain number of coins, and so on.

---- Customize ----

Collect dolls and compete in various ways. You can also carry goods such as gloves and bags on your hands and back. Can you find your favorite doll?

---- Method of operation ----

You can slide the left side of the screen to move the doll, and slide the right side to rotate the camera. You can lift, punch and jump with the button at the bottom right. Lift to carry light obstacles, rival dolls, and items. Use punches to fly obstacles and rivals. Let's use it well and clear the stage.

---- Stage item ----

Was it placed on the stage? If you have a block, it will turn into a random item. Let's use it well.


Hit a big ball and flick it away


Explodes when time goes by and flicks around


Dash anywhere and go straight for a certain amount of time.


You can jump high anywhere.

[Miracle drink]

Speed ​​up for a certain period and play obstacles.

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